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Equality in Accountability

We must acknowledge that Cryptos's current state as a dark robbery forest is a far cry from this goal. Only by creating equal access to transparency can we achieve accountability. 

Risk Rating in
Age of Decentralisation 

At Xerberus, we are revolutionizing the way risk is rated in the crypto industry. By building upon the foundations established by traditional rating agencies and infusing them with decentralization and transparency, we are creating a system that is truly fair and unbiased.

Our decentralized approach to risk rating relies on the collective wisdom of the crowd, rather than the opinions of a select few analysts. Traditional rating agencies are often plagued by intransparent incentives that can lead to corruption and bias. At Xerberus, we use transparent incentives to bring together all available knowledge and provide the most accurate and reliable risk ratings possible.


Join us in our mission to create a transparent and decentralized financial system that truly serves the best interests of humanity.

At Xerberus, we utilize cutting-edge mathematics, known as topological data analysis (TDA), to uncover valuable insights in complex data. TDA is a mathematical method based on the principle that the shape or structure of data holds important information.

Our use of TDA methods, like clustering, manifold estimation, and persistent homology, has been proven to be highly effective in discovering patterns in high-dimensional, incomplete, and noisy datasets.


TDA has been successfully applied in a variety of fields, such as identifying protein structures in bioinformatics, uncovering patterns in financial markets, and detecting fraud in credit card transactions. With TDA, we can deliver accurate and actionable insights to our users.

Abstrakter Hintergrund

Build on Cutting 
Edge Science

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